DRAQ5™ is the proven far-red fluorescent DNA dye for LIVE or fixed cell analysis. It is spectrally compatible with most visible-range fluors including GFP/FITC and R-PE.

In microscopy and high content screening, DRAQ5™ allows easy nuclear counterstaining without UV excitation. In flow cytometry, DRAQ5™ allows phenotyping of blood/BM and direct cellular DNA content analysis without any RBC lysis or fixation, permeabilisation or RNase treatment.
DRAQ5™ is available in two concentrations: 0.5mM and 5mM. The 0.5mM Convenience Pack allows for simple and convenient dilution. The 5mM Classic Packs come in three sizes; 50μl, 200μl and 1ml. Please get in touch if you would like to order bulk volumes of DRAQ5™.